Artificial Grass

About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass provides a green natural looking lawn all year long without having the maintenance issues associated with natural grass. In an ever changing environment, it takes away the need of having to worry about watering the grass.
In recent years it has become especially popular with families as it provides a perfect playground for kids and pets to play as it is totally free of maintenance. Artificial grass looks just like real grass, it comes in many different lengths varying from 8mm to 40mm and it’s supplied in rolls of 2m or 4m wide.

We source the highest quality of grass from our suppliers who provide a 10 year guarantee with their product. At Cornerstone paving we guarantee the highest installation of artificial grass. No creases, ripples or wrinkles!
During the installation process we start to dig out any unnecessary materials from the ground. Prepare a base layer and level it out. Next comes the weed membrane which is rolled under the grass. Once the grass is rolled out, it is pinned down with pins all the way around the edges. Fine sand is spread over the grass which acts as a shock absorbent.

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