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Welcome to Cornerstone Paving’s Showcase of Recent Paving Mastery in Dublin & Across Ireland

Discover the transformative touch of Cornerstone Paving through our gallery of recent paving projects. From the robust elegance of granite kerbs in Carlow to the harmonious limestone features in Portmarnock, our paving solutions cater to aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. We take pride in enhancing driveways, patios, and gardens with meticulous craftsmanship and high-quality materials like porcelain slabs and yellow stone chipping, ensuring a striking contrast and zero maintenance for your peace of mind. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every tailored space we craft, whether it’s a sprawling driveway for a grand entrance or a cozy patio in Swords where even the family pet finds joy.

Our repeat customers in Portmarnock, the newly-seeded gardens in Swords, and the innovative use of artificial grass in Ashtown are testaments to our dedication to service and quality. With Cornerstone Paving, expect a seamless blend of beauty and practicality, leaving no room for weeds but plenty for admiration. Serving areas across Ireland, including Clare Hall where granite slabs reign supreme, we ensure a pristine finish that lasts.

Embark on a visual journey through our recent paving endeavors and envision the potential for your own space. Cornerstone Paving is not just about laying stones; it’s about laying foundations for memories, one patio, one garden, one driveway at a time.

Firhouse, Dublin – Granite Driveway Transformation [June 2024]

We recently did a driveway transformation in Firhouse and here’s the result. We removed the old decorative stone and replaced it with granite slabs, a smooth and durable surface. Granite kerbs around the driveway add elegance and practicality.

Beautiful flowerbeds, with silver granite kerbing, are now full of colour. Next to the central tree is a square area with artificial grass, maintenance free.

Another happy customer! Functional and fabulous. 😉

driveway before the transformation - firhouse
driveway after transformation, firhouse
granite kerbing
granite decorative stone

Sunny granite outdoor and canopied retreat in Clane, Co. Kildare [March 2024]

This driveway is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, where each brick is set individually in mortar, creating a seamless expanse that not only enhances the visual appeal but also serves a practical purpose—preventing weed growth, a common nuisance in typical driveways. The robust bricks chosen for this project exude a warm, earthy tone, creating a welcoming approach to the residence.

Encircling this rich tapestry of bricks is a band of striking granite kerbing, its solid presence lending an air of permanence and luxury. This granite frame is punctuated by a ribbon of radiant yellow, which serves not just as a boundary but as a statement of elegance, ensuring that the entrance is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

outdoor granite slabs
granite patio slabs
yellow granite slabs
patio pergola canopy

Beautiful brick driveway in Portmarnock, Co. Fingal

This outdoor space is anchored by the gentle warmth of yellow granite paving, offering a welcoming atmosphere. Laid with precision in mortar and finished with non-shrink grout for best results, these granite slabs provide a durable and attractive setting that is built to last.

The surrounding fencing adds a practical yet stylish boundary, complementing the natural beauty of the granite, while the overhead canopy gracefully offers shelter, enhancing the area’s usability.

This paving work represents a balance between aesthetic appeal and functional design, creating an outdoor area that’s not just seen but felt and enjoyed.

driveway installation preparation in Portmarnock, Dublin
driveway contractor material
Brick driveway in Portmarnock, Co Dublin

Majestic Granite Meets Sleek Porcelain (Ashbourne, Co. Meath)

Presenting ‘Granite Harmony‘, our latest bespoke project that elegantly redefines outdoor spaces in Ashbourne

At the entrance, guests are welcomed by a strikingly raised porch, featuring luxurious dark/black granite slabs, each meticulously sized at 600×600. This bold choice in granite creates a profound and sophisticated statement, echoing the strength and timeless elegance of the material. Complementing this dark palette, we’ve skillfully bordered the porch with white granite sets. This contrast not only defines the space but also adds a layer of refined detail, enhancing the overall curb appeal of the property.

Transitioning to the back garden, we’ve continued our theme of luxury and sophistication. Here, we’ve chosen high-end porcelain slabs, renowned for their durability and sleek finish. These slabs lay the foundation for a contemporary, inviting outdoor living area. Echoing the design from the front, we’ve bordered these porcelain slabs with granite sets, creating a cohesive look that ties the entire outdoor space together.

YouTube video
Dark granite slabs
Dark black granite slabs
black granite slabs

Crafting Eco-Elegance with Yellow Limestone Slabs in Smithfield (Dublin 7)

We’ve transformed an ordinary space into an elegant expanse using premium yellow limestone slabs. These slabs, carefully hand-grouted with mortar, not only enhance the visual appeal but also prevent weed growth and movement, ensuring a pristine look year-round.

Our expertise in landscaping is showcased through the strategically placed granite flowerbeds, adding a touch of natural beauty to the driveway. These flowerbeds are seamlessly integrated into the design, complementing the yellow limestone.

Innovation meets functionality with the incorporation of eco drains, expertly installed to efficiently manage water run-off, thereby promoting environmental sustainability. Also, we made sure to include paved manholes that match the overall design and are easy to use when needed.

Yellow limestone slabs in Smithfield
Yellow limestone slabs in Dublin
Yellow limestone slabs
Yellow limestone slabs

When Porcelain Elegance Meets Urban Greenery, Ongar, Dublin 15

For the below project, we’ve seamlessly blended modernity with nature. Cornerstone Paving is proud to present this unique creation, showcasing the sophisticated use of porcelain slabs. These slabs lay the foundation for a contemporary, sleek patio area, providing a stunning, durable surface that elevates the entire property.

In a harmonious contrast to the porcelain, we’ve integrated high-quality artificial grass, creating lush, green spaces that maintain their vibrancy throughout the year with minimal maintenance. This blend of modern materials and natural aesthetics offers an inviting, serene environment within an urban setting.

A centrepiece of this project is the elegantly designed pergola. This structure not only adds a touch of architectural beauty but also provides a shaded retreat, perfect for outdoor relaxation or entertainment. To further enrich the landscape, we’ve carefully constructed flowerbeds where a blend of seasonal and perennial plants will ensure year-round colour and vibrancy.

porcelain slabs dublin
artificial grass
articficial grass pergola

Elevate Your First Impression with Our Carlow Driveway Transformation: Granite Kerbs & Yellow Stone Chipping

Feast your eyes on the grandeur of our Carlow project, where expansive driveways are reimagined. Cornerstone Paving has meticulously laid down granite kerbs and sets, ensuring a captivating entrance to any home. Our choice of yellow stone chipping creates a stunning visual contrast against the silver granite, enhancing the overall curb appeal. The sheer scale of this project is a testament to our capability to handle any size with finesse. Delve into our gallery and witness the satisfaction reflected in every square meter of this beautifully finished product, proudly crafted by Dublin’s choice paving experts.

Luxury Granite Driveway Silver Edge Finishing
Yellow Stone Chipping Contrast Granite Driveway
Granite Kerbs Expansive Residential Driveway
Granite Kerbs Elegant Driveway Transformation

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