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We at Cornerstone Paving put great importance on drainage and take the right precautions and measurements for the artificial removal of surface water and sub-surface water from an area with excess water. There are a lot of different channel drainage options. Shallow drains in both galvanised or plastic grate are the most commonly used. 

We also specialise in slotted drain channels, very little of the drain is visible in your patio and they collect as much water as the traditional drain channels. 

Cornerstone Paving offers a very effective way to drain standing water from problem areas in your garden. 

A trench with slight fall is dug out and lined with gravel along the bottom of the trench. A perforated flexible drain pipe is placed inside the trench. The pipe is then wrapped in a weed membrane and then filled with gravel. This will allow for the drain to work effectively and the water to seep in from the top and the membrane prevents debris from entering the pipe and blocks the exit holes which are downward facing. The remainder of the trench is filled with top soil and then seeded to make the area look untouched. The French drain works its wonders without any visual aspects shown in your garden.

Travertine all round drainage
driveway paving drainage

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