Whether you’re renovating your patio or you’re thinking about building a new modern patio area, concrete can be the perfect material for the job. Concrete is versatile in both its application and its many different styles and forms. It’s durable and can withstand much abuse. It is also easily moulded and shaped for any patio style you may have in mind. There are many different ways to use concrete in your patio area, including simple concrete slabs or full decorative concrete patios, and this concrete flooring guide will explore them all.

Concrete Patios: The Smart Choice for Irish Homeowners

Concrete as a material is not just practical, but it’s also very stylish. If you want to create an outdoor living room for your family to enjoy, concrete flooring can provide a durable and long-lasting base for your patio.

If your idea of the perfect patio is a sleek and modern area for entertaining friends, concrete floors can provide you with the foundation you need to bring your vision to life. For those who love to dine al fresco on warm summer evenings, an outdoor dining area off the kitchen makes this easily achievable.

Concrete flooring can be finished and styled in countless ways to provide a unique outdoor space every time. In some parts of Ireland, like Dublin or Cork, the weather can be quite wet and windy and other areas experience very cold winters. Concrete patios will endure any weather conditions and still look great, unlike other materials such as wood which can be susceptible to weather damage.

This concrete flooring guide will talk you through different types of concrete patios that can be implemented in any home, the cost of concrete patios and the benefits of concrete paving.

1. Poured concrete: the classic choice

poured concrete patio

What is it?

This is the most straightforward type of concrete flooring. Poured concrete simply means just that, pouring concrete into an area and letting it solidify into a smooth, even surface.

Good things:

  • Durability: Once cured, poured concrete makes for a durable, tough surface that will endure many years of use.
  • Low Maintenance: It requires minimal upkeep beyond regular cleaning and occasional sealing.
  • Design options: Though poured concrete floors were typically plain, there are now ways to colour and texture the floor to improve its aesthetic qualities. We will discuss this later in this article.

Possible drawbacks:

  • Cracks: Eventually, due to settling soil and other weather related issues, cracks may appear so proper site preparation and reinforcing the floor is critical.
  • Expense: Typically, poured concrete is less expensive than other more decorative types but as it is customised it can become more costly. We will review the average concrete patio costs later in this article.

2. Concrete pavers: flexibility and style

concrete pavers patio

What is it?

Concrete pavers are pre-cast, individual blocks of concrete, laid together to form a floor. They come in many sizes and shapes, and in a multitude of colours, in patterns or layouts.


  • Aesthetic Appeal: Pavers allow far more design flexibility, and can be made to resemble stone, brick or other surfaces.
  • Ease of Repair: If damaged, individual pavers can be taken out and replaced without damaging the whole patio.
  • Drainage: Pavers installed correctly will drain better than a concrete slab poured in place.


  • Cost: Cost: Pavers, as a rule, cost more than poured concrete. This is because of the manufacturing process, and installation labour. Some types of pavers can cost much more than others. When buying pavers, don’t just look at the “per square foot” cost. Look at the total cost of the pavers, plus installation (see installation tips, below). Then, compare prices.
  • Weed Growth: Weeds can sprout between pavers if not properly sealed or maintained.

3. Decorative concrete: creative and contemporary

decorative concrete patio

What is it?

Decorative concrete encompasses a number of concrete paving techniques including stamped concrete, stained concrete and carved concrete.

Stamped Concrete:

Also known as imprinted concrete, this method involves pressing patterns into the concrete surface before it fully sets.

  • Process: Concrete is poured in and stamped with a pattern before drying completely
  • Looks: Can mimic the appearance of stone, tile, brick and other high-priced materials at a fraction of the cost.

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Stained Concrete:

  • Process: Can be applied to either new or existing concrete floors. Acid or water-based stains are used to produce strong colours and interesting effects.
  • Looks: Gives concrete a mottled, uneven appearance. Can bring depth and vibrancy to your patio.


  • Customisation: Express yourself with a wide range of patterns, textures and colours.
  • Value: Increases the aesthetic and material value of your property.


  • Skill Required: These techniques require professional execution for best results.
  • Cost: More expensive than basic options but can be cost-effective compared to natural stone.

4. Cost and installation

concrete patio cost


Concrete patios fit within almost any budget. Depending on the style you choose, the size and the complexity of the pattern or design, the cost of a concrete patio can vary greatly. Pouring simple concrete might begin at around €30 p.s.m. while ornamental concrete can set you back €70 p.s.m. or more.


For the vast majority of concrete patios, professional installation is suggested. Concrete needs to be precisely put it down and may have to be sloped for drainage purposes. Selecting a trusted contractor with experience in the particular kind of concrete you need is important.

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Building a Lasting Foundation with Concrete Patios

Concrete is not only among the many versatile materials used for concrete patios, it’s a transformational element for outdoor spaces. Whichever you select, poured concrete with its simplicity and lasting characteristics; concrete pavers (concrete slabs) with aesthetic and adaptive versatility; or ornamental concrete with its distinctive, custom appearance, each concrete patio alternative offers particular advantages that we hope we have illustrated well in this article.

The purchase price of a concrete patio may differ greatly depending on your particular project, the size, the design components and any add-ons like an outdoor kitchen or fire pit. These components make it crucial that you consult with local specialists and obtain several quotes to be able to be sure you get the best alternative for your budget and your design preferences.

A concrete patio doesn’t only add aesthetic value to your home, it sets the stage for outdoor living. Consider a smooth transition from inside your home to a gorgeous outdoor living room, with cozy patio furniture and a center piece of your outdoor space, your swimming pool. Or perhaps a pool deck that merges beautifully together with the surrounding natural landscape. This flexible outdoor space is the ideal place for entertaining, spending quality time with the family, or simply just unwinding and enjoying the crisp outdoor air.

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Article published on 06/06/2024

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